Outdoor Bootcamp

My mission is to create and maintain a welcoming atmosphere and space comprised of people from all walks of life and all levels of fitness, from the novice to the experienced. I strive to provide a safe place free of judgement and adversity where everyone will feel comfortable and accepted. 

I hope to help you attain your goals whether they be mental, physical or emotional, through encouraging a healthy lifestyle and making fitness fun and approachable.


Pro-rated monthly pricing is available!

Bootcamp: M‑W-F  7AM PST

MixxFitt: M‑W-F  8AM PST

Monthly = $150, includes class videos
Single Class = $20


Outdoor classes coming to the Palm Beach, FL area soon.

Zoom classes with videos and virtual chalkboard

Includes dumbbells, kettlebells, balls, ropes, steps, and dynamic movements.
All exercises can be modified to suit individual needs.

Contact Jenn for registration info.


Popular with:
  • People coming back from injuries
  • Those just starting a fitness regimen
  • Older clients
MixxFitt classes are slower paced and less dynamic than Bootcamp classes.
You can start with MixxFitt or stay with MixxFitt as you see fit.

Contact Jenn for details.