Game Changer Fitness is an inspiring, fun, energetic, supportive fitness community in Oakland.


5427 Telegraph Ave. Unit W1 — back of building Oakland, CA 94609



Challenging class formats including Bootcamps and workouts that change daily
to keep your muscles and your mind
energized and engaged.



The inspired programming at GCF will help you get the health and fitness results you want.

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Fitness Classes Are Proven to Help You Reach Your Goals

According to the research (ACE Fitness, ACSM, Livestrong & More) classes just like the ones at Game Changer Fitness are PROVEN to help you reach your goals. Here’s what you can expect to give you the boost that working out alone won’t:



-Expert Guidance

-Social Support

What Makes GCF so special?

Our mission at GCF is to create and maintain a welcoming atmosphere and space comprised of people from all walks of life and all levels of athleticism/fitness, from the novice to the experienced.  We strive to provide a safe place free of judgement and adversity where everyone will feel comfortable and accepted.  Our gym is much like the City of Oakland: diverse, different, and unique.  We hope to help you attain your goals whether they be mental, physical or emotional, through encouraging a healthy lifestyle and making fitness fun and approachable. If you leave class feeling better than you did when you arrived, then we have accomplished our goal!


Located in the Temescal District of Oakland, we’re the #1 gym in the East Bay for group exercise classes!  See Map below for more detailed directions Questions? Email or call 510-255-0184

Game Changer Fitness helped these members transform their lives, are you ready to join them?

I never felt like I “belonged” in a gym until I found GCF. I needed accountability and motivation to workout and get fit.
Jenn and the Gamechanger community provide a welcoming, safe, and supportive environment for all fitness levels. This really is a fun and inclusive place for group fitness!

Joining the GCF community is among the best things I’ve ever done for myself. The trainers and the workouts, plus the people (and occasional kids and dogs) make it fun to show up regularly. And the results, improved strength & tone, personal goals & achievements and a growing circle of friends, keep me coming back. This is the gym for me.


WORK HARD GET RESULTS   Game Changer Fitness is an inspired, fun, energetic, supportive fitness community in Oakland. 5427 Telegraph Ave. Unit W1 — Back of Building Oakland, CA 94609