Meet GFC’s owner, gym mascot, and a few GCF regulars.
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About Jenn

GFC owner and coach Jenn and gym mascot Lela

Jenn with GCF mascot Lela

Jennifer Lynch, GCF Owner & Coach

As an active athlete for much of her life, Jenn found working out therapeutic and essential for her mental health. Wanting to share the positive impact exercise can have, she opened Game Changer Fitness in 2012.

As a certified trainer/coach, she fosters the physical and mental health of her clients. In classes, she works with students at their current levels and helps them improve in ways that build strength and confidence.

As someone who has been sober for over 10 years, Jenn believes that nothing is as powerful as taking control of and managing your health. She believes in a well-balanced lifestyle, leading by example while at the same time coaching clients to accomplish their personal goals and aspirations.

If you would like to know about her certifications and training, contact Jenn.

Lela, GCF Mascot

GCF is a dog friendly gym. Lela rules the roost, but loves to make new friends! Don’t be put off by her big bark — she’s really just saying “HI! HI! HI!”


Jessica’s GFC gym client testimonials


I never felt like I “belonged” in a gym until I found GCF. I needed accountability and motivation to workout and get fit. Jenn and the Game Changer community provide a welcoming, safe, and supportive environment for all fitness levels. This really is a fun and inclusive place for group fitness!

Ronnie’s GFC gym client testimonials


Joining the GCF community is among the best things I’ve ever done for myself. The trainers and the workouts, plus the people (and occasional kids and dogs) make it fun to show up regularly. And the results, improved strength & tone, personal goals & achievements and a growing circle of friends, keep me coming back. This is the gym for me.

Sarah's GFC gym client testimonials


I joined GCF on a “six week trial,” and that I’m still here over 7 years later is a testament to the community. I’m stronger, more confident, and consider more people as friends as I ever thought possible. From completing mud runs to joining new sports, I surprise myself every day with what I can do because of GCF. It’s not only my gym, but it’s also a home.

Sam's GFC gym client testimonials


Engaging, energetic, encouraging, educational, challenging, aerobic, cardiovascular, conditioning, strengthening, core, balance, community, welcoming, inclusive, instructive, motivating, and JENNIFER. All this is Game Changer fitness. That is why I have been coming for over six years and hope to continue for another six.

Jackie's GFC gym client testimonials


I first came to Game Changer 6 years ago!! Right away, I loved the classes. They were tough but fun, and the energy of the group made it so easy to keep showing up. Over the years Jenn has been so supportive and encouraging and a great resource for me. I’m so happy to have GCF as a part of my health and fitness journey.