Jennifer Lynch, owner of Game Changer Fitness

Jennifer Lynch, Owner


AFAA Certified Personal Trainer

NESTA Certified Personal Trainer

TRX Certified Group Suspension Trainer

Spinning* Certified Indoor Cycling Instructor

Jennifer doing an olympic lifting move as a master's athlete during a competition
Jenn Lynch
Jennifer’s journey may have started across the country and in a completely different industry, but once she found fitness as a career, she knew her calling was to help others use exercise as therapy to help achieve their goals . Jenn knew that she needed to leave behind 25 years of working in the hospitality industry- and its accompanying lifestyle. While sociable, it led to weight gain and unhappiness. She suffered from alcohol abuse and depression for much of her life and found exercise therapeutic and essential for mental health.

Jenn settled in the Bay Area in 2010, when she also started her journey as a fitness professional.  She would be exercising in a group fitness class, when others would encourage her to teach the classes! Her enthusiasm and high energy provided a positive environment for others to be around, and she found herself reveling in the ability to help people change their lives for the better. After getting certified to teach group classes in 2011, she was ready to make a difference in more people’s lives by opening her own gym. She was also ready to make many real life changes of her own – including starting her sobriety journey June 27, 2011. That day forever changed her and her course in life.

Now thanks to having a sober and healthy lifestyle, Jenn participates in competitions for fun. She has competed in numerous adventure races, triathlons and half-marathons.  Her goals for the future are to make everyone who comes through the doors of Game Changer Fitness feel included and like they can accomplish their goals and dreams. Jenn believes that nothing is as powerful as taking control of your health and she has spent countless hours coaching classes so that others can make these changes as well.

Jennifer before and after
About Lela

If you’ve come to class you’ve seen Lela.  She was rescued from the streets of Oakland in November of 2012. If you have a hard time finding the front door to GCF, just keep a look out for this sweet dog.  While her barks are loud, she’s really just saying “you can do it!” taking after her owner’s positive and uplifting inspirational attitude.

CPR Certified
AFAA Certified
Spinning Certified
National Exercise and Sports Trainers Association
TRX Suspension Training Certified

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