UPDATED 3/30/21

Health & Safety Rules

  • Masks must be worn until you are in your own workout area
  • While you are working out, masks are optional for outside & required for inside
  • Keep a minimum of 6′ apart from each other no matter where you workout
  • Please bring your own mat as they will not be provided
  • Water dispenser will not be accessible; please bring a full water bottle with you
  • Clients are responsible for wiping down any used equipment before putting it back
  • Disinfectant, wipes and hand sanitizer will be provided

Class Guidelines

to help ensure the best experience possible
  • Classes are 45 minutes in length; please arrive 10 mins prior to get your equipment & set up
  • Pre-registration is required for all classes
  • Classes must be paid for ahead of time; there are no onsite transactions
  • Purchases are non-refundable and sharing class packs is not permitted***
  • Please read the class email and be aware of your weight needs before entering the gym
  • One kettlebell and/or one set of dumbbells per person (if we are busy)
  • Outdoors: please use GCF equipment on your mat/towel (not on pavement)
  • You may want to have the workout on display on your phone so you can reference it during class
  • Please park in the 55th St. lot whenever possible
  • The speed limit is 5 mph on the entire property
  • In the event a class needs to be cancelled, it will be posted in the sign up sheet & in the facebook group

***Regardless of how you plan on taking class, once the class email info is sent, the class is paid for. No refunds, transfers, postponements or class credits due to changes in parking lot classes or if you are unable to make it in-person. GCF cannot control the weather, the air quality, natural disasters, or need to cancel in-person classes due to health and safety concerns. This is why the cost per class includes so many ways to take a class (Zoom, video, PDF, in-person).***