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Alysia Gatchalian McDonough, Nutritionist

Alysia is a Certified Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and Cal Poly graduate with a BS in Nutritional Science.  She has worked in the nutrition field over 10 years with diverse populations that have health concerns and health issues such as fatigue, irritability, anxiety, weight gain, acid reflux, digestive disorders, diabetes, and skin problems.  Alysia has a deep caring for people and a desire to empower her clients and others to live healthier and more vibrant lives through holistic nutrition.  As a holistic nutritionist, Alysia assesses the body’s nutritional deficiencies and addresses those weaknesses through diet, lifestyle changes, and supplements if needed.  She believes eating food should be delicious, social, and pleasurable and promotes eating real, traditional, nourishing, and whole foods as a lifestyle.  Alysia is also a Certified Gut and Psychology Practitioner trained to naturally heal ADD, ADHD, autism, depression, GI issues, allergies and other neurological and psychological problems through diet.

Dr. Dwayne Acoba, Chiropractor

Dr. Dwayne Acoba has more than 16 years of caring chiropractic career expertise. Through his work, Dr. Acoba helps athletes at every level to become bigger, better, faster, and stronger so that they are able to reach their health and performance goals. His specialty is Applied Kinesiology (AK), in which muscles are tested for strength and/or weakness as a means to diagnose illness and determine the best treatment options. The AK methodology focuses on evaluating function and movement patterns, which allows Dr. Acoba to reset the body’s musculature. AK provides practitioner and patient alike with objective findings that are instant and measurable and offer a clear path to recovery.

In addition to his duties with In Motion Chiropractic in Livermore, Dr. Acoba works with patients at five Crossfit gyms across the Bay Area. His patients range from elite athletes to people taking their first steps toward a more mobile and healthy lifestyle. Dr. Acoba moved to the Bay Area after a decade providing comprehensive chiropractic care to patients in Southern California.

Get in touch with Dr. Dwayne Acoba through his website.

Laura Swartz, Foundation Training Instructor

With over 15 years of experience in the fitness industry, Laura Swartz is thrilled to add Foundation Training to her practice. Foundation Training is a movement improvement system designed to restore your body’s natural flow and put you at the center of your health. This program redefines the core to include the posterior chain of muscles, and both identifies and corrects the fundamental movement imbalances created by the modern lifestyle. Whether as a performance tool, a postural tool, or a tool to get you out of pain, Foundation Training helps you become the powerful and effective person you aspire to be.

Weekly classes and monthly workshops offered at Game Changer Fitness. All fitness levels welcome!

Contact Laura via email or through her Facebook page.

Jeremy Tully, Starting Strength Coaching

Jeremy Tully is a Starting Strength Coach in Oakland, California. Jeremy coaches clients of all backgrounds on the basic barbell lifts. A teacher by nature, Jeremy loves introducing people to barbell training for the first time and helping them establish training habits that help them continue to make steady progress for years.

Whether you want to be stronger for improved health and everyday life or for athletic performance, Jeremy is specially qualified to help you. Contact him via his website.

Dr. Mary Smith, Dentist

Dr. Mary Smith grew up in the small town of Robbins located just north of Davis, California. She is a graduate of U. C. Davis with a B. S. degree in Physiology. Dr. Smith received her D.D.S. in 1995 from University of the Pacific. While attending UOP she was elected into Tau Kappa Omega, the dental Honors society.

Following graduation, Dr. Smith was further honored as a member of the faculty and teaching staff of UOP, while serving Lamorinda and Walnut Creek as an associate dentist.

During the fall of 2000, Dr. Smith established her private practice in Orinda. Based on her extensive ongoing education as well as superb quality care for her patients, the non-profit Consumer Research Council awarded Dr. Smith the distinction of being one of America’s Top Dentists.

Her professional memberships include CDA, ADA, and CCDS. She is Invisalign Certified with an emphasis in Cosmetic and Restorative Dentistry.

Dr. Smith lives in Orinda with her husband and four children. She enjoys swimming, tennis and travelling. She takes pride in family dentistry, educating her patients and employing cutting edge techniques with optimum attention to detail and patient care.

Get in touch with Dr. Smith through her website.

Deborah Croan, Accupuncture

Deborah’s work in the field of natural medicine started over 20 years ago. She earned a Master’s of Science in Traditional Chinese Medicine and completed the National Certification and State Licensing process. She’s maintained an active practice for 10 years treating a variety of conditions while emphasizing pain management, compromised immunity and women’s health.

Having recently completed an apprenticeship program in Sports Medicine with the esteemed Whitfield Reeves she now is enthusiastically treating sports medicine related cases. While staying rooted in the principles of Chinese Medicine she integrates her passion of essential oils into each acupuncture session to allow for deeper release of stress and emotional imbalance. She is proud to be part of a medicine so deeply rooted in ancient history yet so profoundly useful in a complex modern world.

Get in touch with Deborah through her website.

Walter Williams, CMT

I received my formal massage training at the Institute of Psycho-Structural Balancing in Culver City, CA, in 2000. Although most of my training was in traditional Swedish and deep tissue massage, I also learned Thai massage. In 2008 I moved my massage practice of 8 years from Los Angeles to the Bay Area. I currently offer Swedish, Deep Tissue and Thai massage.
For more information, please visit  Lotussun Massage.